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Web Based Client Server

A True Synchronous Web Based Client Server System Architecture


Anderson Equipment Company has developed its own business software using a proprietary Web Based Client Server software technology.


Our instantiated web pages act as true client applications and can synchronously interact with the server indefinitely without reloading.


We are currently seeking opportunities to exploit the value of this platform technology beyond our internal needs.





The WebApps architecture was created by Roger Smith based on his many years of experience as a professional developer of large scale systems in several industries, particularly in the complex Mail Order Pharmacy business.


The architecture was designed to facilitate rapid development of a large system by a minimum number of developers so as to eliminate the chaos which ultimately constrains the quality and functionality of large systems.


The system was designed to be easily analyzed and debugged. This priority was driven by years of painful experience supporting users with limited ability to describe their issues who were using systems which had limited traceability and limited diagnostic capabilities.


The concept was presented to Bill Gex, CEO of Anderson Equipment Company and it was adopted as the platform for creating a very powerful system to support the complex needs of a multi-location heavy equipment dealership.


Years of front line development at Anderson Equipment Company have produced an efficient platform and functional system which has allowed Anderson's employees to focus on the value added tasks requiring their special talents.



Platform Advantages


The Anderson WebApps Platform offers many advantages for rapid and flexible development:


  • Virtually all code is stored in the Oracle Database in Stored Procedures and Functions. This makes the code very easy to search, retrieve, modify and reload.
  • Web Based architecture results in zero client side maintenance.
  • Unlike most web based applications, Anderson's web based applications have an actual Client-Server architecture which means that they function like a typical GUI or "green screen" application where forms can repeatedly and indefinitely interact with the database. Web pages are NOT reloaded from the server with each operation.
  • Forms are designed to work with or without a mouse giving them combined the advantages of both green screen and GUI interfaces.
  • User activity is logged in detail in the Oracle database at and is easily searchable for debugging, usage analysis and performance analysis.
  • Web Forms, as opened by users, can be replayed directly from the log.
  • Strict data modeling rules and generated code provide for a high degree of consistency within the system which greatly simplifies maintenance, support, modifications and enhancements.
  • HTML content is produced from within the database providing simple uninhibited access to all data in the system when coding forms and batch processes.
  • The platform includes a File Attachment feature which allows virtually any electronic file to be attached logically to key entities in the system.
  • Forms can be linked easily for extensive pop-up/drill down capabilities.
  • Robust Menu and Security for configuring user access to forms and data.
  • User permissions are evaluated by the forms themselves so a form will give the user the same level of functionality regardless of how it is accessed.
  • Transactional processing and error handing provide for an "all or nothing" transactions with appropriate messages for transaction failures or rejections.
  • Forms and batch process perform all data manipulation via Oracle Stored procedures which act as "member" functions in an Object Oriented type architecture.
  • Functional rule violations are trapped in the appropriate stored procedures and reported back to the user with minimal coding effort.
  • Unexpected errors are instantly reported to IT via email along with a link to the logs for debugging purposes.
  • Detailed "alert" pop-up messages can be sent from within any form or from within any stored procedure to the user with minimal coding.
  • Oracle Stored procedures can execute UNIX shell commands to trigger things like ftp communications, load scripts etc.
  • Emails can be sent from anywhere in the code.
  • Users and batch processes can send emails including links to populated forms.
  • Oracle stored procedures can access Web Services via SOAP and REST and the system includes powerful XML parsers which simplify data retrieval.



Track Record


Why would there be an interest in a software technology developed by a heavy equipment dealer? The answer is that the technology has proven itself to be highly capable and robust in a challenging data environment.


  • Anderson Equipment Company has gradually migrated its systems to this Web Based Client Server platform.
  • Anderson has grown from 14 to 22 branch locations and significantly increased revenue in the process while reducing the number of back-office personnel.
  • We added 8 branches via 2 separate acquisitions and succeeded in smoothly absorbing their data including data related to personnel, customers, vendors, assets, inventory and WIP.
  • There are currently about 350 users on our system who collectively execute approximately 70,000 transactions per day.
  • Our system has grown to over 6000 stored procedures and functions including over 900 forms.
  • Our operational systems balance with our G/L to the penny.
  • Anderson issues over 60,000 Invoices per year, and receipts application is executed in less than 2 hours per day.
  • Anderson pays over 70,000 Invoices per year using a 3 way match. We scan every single invoice we receive and authorized users can access the pdf files from within our operational systems.
  • We have been able to integrate quickly with vendor systems to do slick things downloading satellite information about our equipment to track hour meter readings and geo-locations.
  • We were able to create mobile applications which integrate with the same platform for our salesmen and mechanics. The mobile applications are more of a traditional Web Based architecture and not true client server, however the development was rapid and the result was effective.
  • We have been able to do all of this with one full time developer and from one to three part time developers.


The following list is presented here to indicate the robustness of the platform capabilities.


Our systems are largely customized to Anderson's needs, however, we are open to the possibility of selling them to an organization interested in using them to bootstrap the creation of their own custom systems.


Some of our subsystems include:


  • Parts - Sales, Inventory, Transfers, DRP, Purchasing, Claims and Returns
  • Service - Work Orders, Quotes, Labor Entry, Parts Requisitions, PM Tracking, PM Contracts, Extended Warranties, Equipment Warranty Claims
  • Sales - Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoicing, Trade-Ins, Commissions
  • Rental - Equipment Inventory and Rentals, Rate and Discounting controls etc.
  • Equipment - Purchasing, Cost Accounting, Rebates, Floor Plan, Equipment Pricing
  • Fixed Assets - Depreciation of Equipment and other fixed assets.
  • HR - A comprehensive HR system
  • Time and Attendance - Time collection for hourly employees. Integrated to ADP.
  • Accounting - A/P integrated with Purchasing systems with check writing and ACH, A/R with receipts matching, G/L, Real time integration with all operational systems.
  • General Purchasing - integrates with Work Orders
  • Credit - Comprehensive customer management and analysis. Integrated with all operational sales systems.
  • Retail Finance - Tracks amortized loans for Equipment Sales and generates invoices for payments due. Integrates with A/R.



Contact Us


For more information or to discuss a mutual opportunity, please contact Roger Smith at 412 504-4176 / rsmith@andersonequip.com.