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Learn more about Komtrax from Komatsu


KOMTRAX utilizes satellite and internet technology to give you the power and knowledge to help you make fact-based, basic and strategic business decisions regarding your machines and their operations. It pays off in increased productivity and availability, proactive support, smarter management, and much more.


The information KOMTRAX reports will vary by machine model for Komatsu Equipment.


Below is a listing of information your machine may be able to provide:
  • Operation Map (Times of day the engine was on/off)
  • Load Frequency (Hours spent in four different load levels determined by pump pressures or engine torque)
  • Actual Working Hours (Engine on time less idle time)
  • Operation Hours in Each Work Mode (Economy, Power, Breaker, Lifting)
  • Service Meter Reading
  • Digging Hours
  • Average Hourly Fuel Consumption
  • Attachment Working Hours
  • Location
  • Forced Lock
  • Hoisting Hours
  • "Night Time" Lock
  • Dashboard Cautions
  • Travel Hours
  • Calendar Lock
  • Maintenance Reminders/Notifications
  • Breaker Usage Hours
  • Out of Area Alerts
  • Six digit abnormality code
  • Hydraulic Relief Hours
  • Residual Fuel Level
  • Movement Generated Position Reports
  • Eco-mode Usage Hours
  • Actual Fuel Consumption
  • High Water Temperature during the day's operation

    Contact your Anderson Equipment representative to find out the specific information your machine is capable of reporting.


    Ever wish that you could see exactly what was going on with your machine? Knowledge is power and with Komtrax you can have the necessary knowledge to make informed long term strategic decisions. Komtrax units come as standard equipment on most new construction models. Komatsu designed Komtrax with you in mind... Komtrax will provide you with information regarding your machines - what are they doing, when did they did it, where are they located, how can it be used more efficiently and when it needs to be serviced.