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Application for Employment Instructions:

General Information:

Once a Application for Employment is submitted, there is a 60 day period before another Application for Employment can be saved. However, you can use the email link at the bottom of the form to notify our Human Resources department of any modification you would like applied to your last Application for Employment or if you want to apply for another position.

Entry Formats:

Most entries are alpha-numeric and will automatically reformat to uppercase upon exiting the entry.

For readability, Description/Explanation entries (larger multiple row boxes) are case senitive. These entries are limited to 2,000 characters. This is checked upon exiting the entry and rechecked during any Save Draft.

All dates are in the MM/DD/YYYY format with the exception of Graduation Month which is MM and Graduation Year which is YYYY. Dates are checked upon exiting the entry and during any Save Draft not only for formatting, but also for content. The content checks performed upon exiting the entry are primarily to prohibit incorrect future dates.

Any numeric entries are formatted with 2 decimal positions.

For entries which have a dropdown list, the first item in the list is always a blank which can be selected to clear the entry. Attempting to manually clear the entry of a dropdown list using the backspace key does not work as the browser will interpret this a going back to the previous page.

YES/NO entries have associated buttons that will populate the entry with an uppercase Y or N. If necessary, the entries can be manually cleared.

For flexibility, Grade Point Average is alphanumeric.

Required Entry and Conditionally Required Entry:

Required Entries are independently required, regardless of any other entries.

Conditionally Required Entries are required or not required based upon other entries in their associated section.

Examples of Conditionally Required entries:
1. If you answer YES to the Former Employee question, then the associated Position, Location, & Date entries are required. If you answer NO, these conditional entries are not required.
2. On Employment Experience, if you fill in any entry in a given section (even optional entries such as Other Compensation), then all of the conditionally required entries in that section are required. If for a given section, no entries are filled in, then the conditional entries for that section are not required.
3. On Education, the Graduation Date is only required if the Degree Type is filled with a value other than NONE.

Note: The conditional requirements for rate/salary and compensation entries in the Employment Experience section is not enforced when applying for a position in one of our New York or Vermont branches.

Only Submit checks the Required and Conditionally Required entries. Save Draft does NOT check these.

Save Draft and Submit:

The Save Draft buttons save all entries on the Application for Employment regardless of your location on the form.

The Save Draft buttons do NOT evaluate either Required or Conditionally Required entries. However, it does enforce some formatting rules, such as Date formats or Descrition/Explanation length which could potentially cause the save process to break. It also performs some evaluations for inconsistant data, such as a Date From being greater than the associated Data To, etc. If this evaluation discovers any issues, they are displayed in a pop-up window. These are only warnings and do not adversely affect the Save Draft or Submit functionality.

Using the Save Draft buttons minimizes possible data re-entry in the event that a problem develops while you are completing the form.

The Application for Employment does NOT need to be completed all at once. Once an initial Save Draft is performed and an Application Entry# is assigned (will be dispayed at the bottom of the form), the Application for Employment will remain available for editing until such time as a Submit is performed. This is not restricted by any time limits.

The Submit button evaluates both the Required and Conditionally Required entries. If the results of the evaluation are successful, a Save Draft is performed, then the Application for Employment is flagged as completed and becomes visible to our Human Resources department.

When you use the Submit button, you are indicating that you have completed the Application for Employment.

The Application for Employment can NOT be reviewed by our Human Resources department until it has been submitted.

Email and View/Print Links:

Upon the first Save Draft, the Application for Employment is assigned an Application Entry#. Once this occurs, a link at the bottom for printing the Application for Employment will become visible. Upon Submit, this link will change from "print" to "view/print". Using this link you can view or print the Application for Employment until such time as another Save Draft is performed indicating the start of a new Application for Employment.

Note: On an unsubmitted Application for Employment, the print link will display a printable version of the Application for Employment as of the last Save Draft.

Also upon Submit, another link will appear at the bottom of the form for emailing our Human Resources department. This can be used to mail any file attachments (cover letters, resumes, or any other additional information requested by the Application for Employment).

After a Submit, the form blanks out in preparation for any future Application for Employment by you. However, some entries and sections (such as Education) will pre-populate with entries from the last submitted Application for Employment.