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2021 - KOMATSU - XF855-2 $549,150

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KOMATSU FORWARDER XF855-2 POWERED BY: Agco power Diesel 66 AWF,EPA Tier 4 Final Compliant 228 HP (170 kW DIN) 1,900 RPM 6.6 liter 6 cylinder diesel engine with turbo and intercooler. Thermostatically controlled viscous clutch fan Ethylene Glycol anti freeze 42.4 gal (160 l) fuel tank 6 gal (23 l)DEF tank Hydrostatic-mechanical low/high range transmission,0 - 12.5 mph (0 - 20 km/h) travel speed Front axle, 6WD: front fixed axle with hub reduction 8WD: Comfort bogie with diff locks Rear axle: Comfort bogie with diff locks Internal multi-disc wet brakes Hydraulic frame oscillation Lock cylinders. Hydraulic articulation frame steering with +/- 42 degree steering articulation angle. Alternator, 2 x 100 ampere, 24V Batteries, 2 x 12V, 180 Ah 14-LED working lights (2-cab front, 4-cab right, 4-cab left, 2-boom,2-rear frame)Emergency start battery cable kit Cab, ROPS(ISO8082),FOPS(ISO8083),OPS(ISO8084/WCB G603) Steering wheel plus Mini lever steering control on right arm rest mounted control pallet Automatic climate control with heating and air conditioning and filtered air intake AM/FM Radio/CD, MP3 player interface, Aux/USB connection, Bluetooth remote control and microphone. Polycarbonate windows Front/rear window wipers and washers Fully adjustable BE-GE 3000 high back air suspension seat, air vented Seat belt, retractable 180 degree, rotating seat post Sun blinds Side/rear emergency escape 4 cab ceiling mounted interior LED lights Heating and cooling boxes for food beverages 8WD: From 39,683 lb (18,000 kg) Gross Load Capacity: 30,865 lb (14,000 kg) MaxiXplorer MS Windows-based graphic user interface w/ integrated vehicle and control system. Max PC X40, Microsoft Windows 8 software, 8GB RAM, 128 GB solid state drive (SSD)wired keyboard 12" color screen FRONT PROPELLING 855-8 WHEEL ARRANGEMENT BOGIE FRONT AXLE. Rear frame, Long, 15'6" (4733 mm) from head board to center of rear bunk. Used for 8W frame arrangements. Front - 8 Wheel - 710/45-26.5 24 FK F2 Nokian (set of 4) "700-series tire size for front bogie on 8W front frame only. Nokian Forest King F2 tread design, compatible with bogie tracks." Rear - 710/45-26.5 24 FK F2 Nokian (set of 4) "700-series tire size for rear bogie on 6W and 8W rear frames. Nokian Forest King F2 tread design, compatible with bogie tracks." FIXED HEADBOARD WITH WIDE FLEXGATE FLEXBUNK SYSTEM - WIDE CRANE, 130F MODEL CRANE REACH, 26'3" (8 M), TELE English Decals. MANUALLY-OPERATED BUNK WIDENERS BLADE,DOZER, NA HD VERSION 6226-0541 WELD, 18" EXTENSION (855)