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Anderson Equipment Company is now a Mecalac Dealer!

Komatsu's New XT-5 Tracked Harvesters Provide Maneuverability and Power

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Anderson is Buying Used Construction, Mining and Forestry Equipment!

Anderson Equipment Company is now a Mecalac Dealer!

- 05/15/2023


Anderson Equipment Company has signed on to distribute Mecalac's innovative line of Excavators and Swing Loaders as Mecalac looks to expand on their recent success in the United States and increase customer access to sales, parts, and service.


With origins tracing back to the 1950's in Germany, the Mecalac company began their rise to prominence along the shores of Lake Annecy in France. The Mecalac name comes from the phrase "Macanique du Lac" which translates to Mechanics by the Lake.


Mecalac's engineers and designers have been striving to solve the functional issues that have plagued common equipment. All of Mecalac's machines are compact and utilize physics to their advantage. The maneuverability of these machines allows operators to limit excessive three-point turns. Multifunctionality allows the machine to switch from skid-steer mode to excavator mode. Balanced design allows maximum lifts from all angles without loss of capacity or equilibrium. All designed to create an efficient and comfortable experience.


"This is a perfect fit for Anderson Equipment", says Mike Womble - Corporate Fleet Manager. "Mecalac's core mission aligns with Anderson's - provide customers an equipment solution that is durable, reliable, and purpose-driven. It also melds seamlessly with our current product offerings and rounds out our lineup of top products and superior service."


Anderson Equipment is looking forward to showcasing this new equipment offering at their Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York locations. Reach out to our closest location or salesman for a demonstration and list of product offerings.


You can learn more about Mecalac's product line at www.mecalac.com







Komatsu's New XT-5 Tracked Harvesters Provide Maneuverability and Power

- 03/06/2023


To harvest trees in tight, dense and rugged-terrain forests, operators need machines with maneuverability, power, versatility and reliability. With Komatsu's XT-5 tracked harvesters, operators can harvest closer to the carrier and maneuver confidently thanks to a lower center of gravity and off-set boom.


Made to perform in demanding conditions, Komatsu's XT-5 closed loop tracked harvesters enable operators to simultaneously travel, cut, delimb, harvest and swing timber. Engineered with hydraulic lines for each function, operators can use tracks, boom, arm and tools concurrently.


Benefits of the XT-5 tracked harvesters:


  • Significantly greater lift capacity

  • 10% more horsepower

  • 16% more torque

  • 5% lower fuel consumption

  • Excellent uptime and serviceability


More powerful, more productive


The short-tail swing of Komatsu's 331 HP harvesters lets operators work through dense forests and clear-cutting environments. The set-back boom allows cutting close to the undercarriage and tracks, while the powerful swing torque excels in demanding applications.


Designed to significantly increase lift capacity, handling trees with the arm fully extended is made easier. With an excellent balance between boom lift and arm holding capacity, the XT-5 harvesters can be equipped with a wide selection of harvesting saw heads.


The harvesters can be adapted to the job with two different working ranges. Use the short reach and larger-scaled head to harvest larger trees or switch to a longer reach and more compact designed head to grab trees further from the carrier.


Even on sloped terrains operators can work with confidence. The XT455L-5 is equipped with a heavy-duty, four-way leveling system that promotes front/rear/side leveling for exceptional stability. The fuel tank placement lowers the center of gravity for enhanced stability.


Helps lower maintenance costs and makes servicing easier


With the XT-5 harvesters, you can save on maintenance costs because the innovative hydraulic tank system design requires 55% less hydraulic oil. Pumps are equipped with hydro-nucleation to help prevent pump cavitation and are 17% larger to help extend component life by operating 500 rpms slower. The engine gull-wing and wide swing-out doors on the XT-5 harvesters offer quick and easy access to all engine service points and all key components.


Operator comfort and customization improve productivity


Help reduce fatigue and support productivity by giving your operators a roomy, comfortable work environment. Excellent visibility, especially to the tracks, and powerful heating, cooling and defrosting systems, help your operators be at the top of their game. When working shifts switch, the controls can switch too by adjusting to each operator's preference (up to three settings). Set preferences for joystick, boom, stick, tool tilt, swing, cab leveling and more.


Komatsu XT445L-5 Tracked Harvester




Anderson Equipment Terms Customers can now Pay Online from a Checking Account

- 01/30/2023


You can now Make a Payment online at www.andersonequip.com via a debit to your checking account and save the postage!


Just click on the "Make a Payment" option under "Credit/Financing".


You will need to create a web user account if you do not already have one and click "Request Credit Access" if you do not already have it.


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Anderson is Buying Used Construction, Mining and Forestry Equipment!

- 01/17/2023


The market for construction, mining and forestry equipment is currently very tight and your used machine may have value.


Anderson Equipment is interested in purchasing Used Equipment which can be refurbished for resale.


Contact your local Anderson Equipment salesman or our Used Equipment Sales Manager, Ron Alger to arrange an inspection and get an offer for your used machine!


Contact: Ron Alger

Used Equipment Sales Manager, Anderson Equipment Company

Email: ralger@andersonequip.com

Phone: 518-527-8086