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Financial Services

Through our long-term relationships with numerous lending sources, Anderson Equipment can assist you in selecting the optimal finance or lease option for your needs. We arrange financing for both new and used equipment purchases. We can also assist you in the refinancing of your existing equipment - even if you purchased the machinery from another distributor!

Finance terms are always at competitive rates and we can utilize one or more of the following options to structure an installment note that fits your business needs:

  • Fixed or floating interest rates
  • Minimal down payments
  • Seasonal skip payments
  • Balloon payments
  • Delayed first payments
  • Extended payment terms
  • Ability to finance an Anderson Maintenance Program at attractive rates

Leasing may be an excellent fit for your business for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Cash flow - no down payment
  • Lower monthly payments than an installment contract
  • Possible tax advantages
  • Purchase options including fair market value or $1 purchase options
  • Lower monthly payments may enable you to use newer equipment to reduce operating and maintenance expenses!

For Sales, please contact your local Branch Manager.
Click Here for contact information.

Credit Policies

Anderson's Credit Policies are as follows:

  • A finance charge equivalent to 1% per month will be imposed on any past due balances
  • Payments, when made, shall apply first to accrued late or delinquency charges and the remainder shall apply to the balance due hereunder
  • Rental charges are earned in advance and are due regardless of actual equipment use, breakdown, downtime or acts of nature (including without limitation rain, snow, etc.).

Payment Terms

Anderson Equipment provides the following payment terms to customers with approved credit:

  • Sales Transactions: Net 10 Days
  • Rental Transactions: Net 30 Days
  • Parts Transactions: Net 30 Days
  • Service Transactions: Net 15 Days

Credit Application

To establish an account, please complete a Credit Application and contact the appropriate Credit personnel:

Pennsylvania and West Virginia

New York, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont

The Credit Application can be filled out online.
Click Here to begin an online Credit Application
This requires you to create an Anderson Equipment internet account and login.
Once completed and submitted, the online Credit Application can be electronically signed
or it can be printed, manually signed, then emailed, mailed, or faxed to us (see specific addresses below).

Alternatively, if you do not wish to create an Anderson Equipment internet account,
use the link below to print a copy of the form.
Click Here to view/print a blank Credit Application

If your Business Structure is Individual, then an Individual Credit Profile Authorization form is also required.
Click Here to view/print a blank Individual Credit Profile Authorization

The completed form(s) will need to be signed then
emailed to credit@andersonequip.com,
or mailed to Anderson Equipment Company, PO Box 339, Bridgeville, PA 15017,
or faxed to 412-504-4254.

Tax Exempt Certificates

If your company is exempt from state taxes, please complete a Tax Exempt Certificate and contact/fax the appropriate Credit Personnel:

Pennsylvania Tax Exempt Certificate
West Virginia Tax Exempt Certificate

New York Tax Exempt Certificates
Maine Tax Exempt Certificates
Vermont Tax Exempt Certificates